How it works

1. We will read through the prosecution case papers.

2. We will telephone to arrange an appointment convenient to you. We aim to be flexible with appointments and can often arrange early evening and Saturday morning appointments. The £155 fee is based on an hour’s preparation and an hour’s Skype appointment. If the page count is excessive, for example because of complex financial information or if there are several co-accused, we will discuss either a fee adjustment (£60 per extra 30 minutes) or, in such situations, you may wish to focus on one specific aspect of your case. Alternatively, it may be that you would prefer to spend say 90 minutes on consideration of the papers and 30 minutes in consultation. However, we can assure you that a comprehensive second opinion, in almost all the cases we accept, will fall within the £155 fee.

3. You can, of course also have a consultation by phone. We would however urge you to consider installing Skype, if you have not already done so, or ask someone who has done so if you can borrow their laptop. Face to face contact via Skype is more personal and we know from experience, you will feel more comfortable during periods of silence, when you are scanning the prosecution papers etc, than on the other end of a telephone line. But the choice is entirely yours.

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