How we can help

We will go through the relevant criminal offences during your second opinion and explore possible defences. If there is no legal defence, we can go through all possible mitigating circumstances for sentencing and suggest things you can do right now to assist in your mitigation. We can explain sentencing guidelines and where the offence falls within the guidelines. It is not helpful to google sentencing, as every case is unique.

We give comprehensive advice on all matters not covered by Legal Aid as in some driving offences. We can talk you through how to conduct your own criminal defence. Alternatively, you may just wish to run through some points of law, when the prosecution case consists of a few statements only. We can also offer one hour consultations for £80.

We understand parent’s disbelief, when they find themselves in the situation of seeking advice, they never thought they would have to look for, because their child has been accused of an offence. It may be that you are the parent of a child who has become involved in the criminal justice system. You can discuss the offence and general defences with us. We can discuss such matters within hour’s consultation (£80).

If you have acted as an appropriate adult and have concerns, we can discuss those also within an hour’s consultation (£80).

In fact, there is not much we cannot help with. We can give you the very best legal advice on fraud, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, a sexual offence, drug matters, public order offences, money laundering to name but a few.

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