Our Values

We embrace a diverse and safe workplace environment in which equal opportunity and freedom to express one’s self and be heard are paramount. We re-numerate our professional coworkers properly. They defend the vulnerable and give them a voice which would otherwise not be heard.

We are committed to making no personal judgements. Personal judgements are only ever to do with ‘them and us’ and sow the first seed of violence. In particular we wish to draw attention to prisoners, who have suffered violence, mental health problems , lack of financial resources to cover their most basic needs, and have in turn self-medicated. We therefore, wholeheartedly endorse the inspirational work of Robert J Burrowes see here and feel similarly ‘committed to the end’. If you agree, why not add your signature to the charter here here and donate here.

If you have appreciated our service, please consider making a donation (no matter how small), to The Prisoners’ Advice Service here, a truly wonderful organisation, operating to uphold basic human rights for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

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