What we do

Do you feel everything is a bit rushed and you are being carried along on an opinion that you do not properly comprehend? Are you feeling the pinch due to legal aid cuts, in that you do not have enough time to discuss matters, with your solicitor and/or barrister? If so, we can give you the time and attention, you require.

We understand the time limitations that have been placed on legal aid firms. If you wish to have a professional second opinion on your case, it is almost impossible to obtain. We can give you the knowledge to enable you to make informed choices throughout the progress of your criminal matter.

We advise and give a second opinion, on all criminal defence matters from assessing the weight of prosecution evidence to sentencing and everything in between including court procedure. You may wish to discuss matters at the police station, charge, whether you should plead guilty or not guilty, or discuss electing for a crown court trial before a jury. We can also advise on road traffic offences and other matters not covered by legal aid.

You may not be specifically looking for a second opinion but need an understanding of why certain legal advice has been given. We can also give reassurance that the advice you have been given is based on the facts of the matter and not weighted by other factors.

We have no interest in taking over any of the cases we advise on. It is a second opinion. That is what makes our opinion truly independent.

We cover the English, Scottish and Northern Ireland criminal law and justice systems.

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